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What is Mystery Shopping??

I realize that many people may not have heard of mystery shopping. I thought it would be a good idea to give a little more information on exactly what it is. Mystery shopping, or secret shopping, is when an individual is paid either a fee, or is reimbursed to try a good or service for a company while remaining anonomous.

Confusing? Let me give an example. A person would sign up with a company. Let’s say this persons name is Matty (a name seems more personal, don’t you think?). Okay, so Matty signs up to be an independent contractor with a mystery shopping company. She logs into the website and finds available jobs in her town. She signs up for a job with BurgerAmerica (I made that name up too). She will get paid a fee and reimbursement. That means that she will get cash to do the shop as well as get reimbursed the money that she had to spend there. Sometimes a shopper only gets a fee-usually if they don’t have to purchase anything. Other times a shopper will only get reimbursement. Sometimes this happens if you do a shop that offers a large reimbursement.

Some mystery shops require that individuals remain anonomous the entire time. Other shops require the mystery shopper to do a reveal at the end. Either way, the mystery shopper is providing a service for a company.

In order to start off mystery shopping, an individual will have to find a company that has listings in his/her area. While it sounds easy enough, often there are individuals who want to charge for this information. I’ve never purchased any kind of list to find out, I’ve just done research. I’d advise anyone to avoid purchasing mystery shopping lists. From what I’ve heard, a lot of them have useless information and there are scams out there too.

Be careful for mystery shopping scams. One scam I’ve read about is when a shopper is sent a bad check and is asked to deposit it into his or her account. The next step is to wire a portion of the check through a wire transfer. Basically, in the end the shopper is tricked out of his or her hard-earned money.

My blog will focus on mystery shops that I’ve done AND received payment for. I’ll also give links to the websites so readers can sign up. I’ll list the companies that have the quick and easy shops as well as the more in-depth higher paying shops. You’ll be surprised. From my experience, you can make up to $30 dollars an hour if you do a few short quick shops. Sign up to receive updates when I write a new post and feel free to ask questions or post comments about your experiences.

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