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Use Dealspotr to Save and Make Money

Disclosure: This is based on my experience with Dealspotr. I will receive compensation if you use the links in the post.

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Using Dealspotr to Save and Make Money

Use If you like saving and making money, and I know you do, you’ll love Dealspotr! Dealspotr is a new-ish website (started in 2015) that publishes all types of deals including those that can be gotten by a coupon, those that are awesome because they are a lower price than everywhere else, and those who have limited time discounts.

You can also make money or points that can be redeemed for gift cards when you do certain actions that help the Dealspotr community. If you use a coupon and validate it, you get points. If you add a post to the site, you get points. If you share with friends and they sign up (And post their first deal. More on that later.), you get points. All those points add up and give you cash money or gift cards to places you love to shop.

Being crowdsourced makes it better

There are several things about Dealspotr that I like that make it different from other sites. One thing that I noticed about Dealspotr that I like that makes it different from other deal sites is that it offers you points for posting your deals. On other deal sites you may be able to post deals, but you don’t always get compensated for it. On Dealspotr you have a motivation to share deals. When you share, everyone wins.

What I would suggest doing is searching in Dealspotr when you need to buy something. Search their first and you may be able to find whatever item you are looking for at the cheapest price around. Then when you purchase and validate a coupon code (if you used one), you’ll get points.  There are tons of deals posted daily so you can expect for there to be thousands upon thousands of deals on Dealspotr at any one given time.

Do you like money?

Well, I’ll just admit it. I like being rewarded with money. But, honestly, who doesn’t? Yes, you can share deals from other deal sites but Dealspotr rewards you do to so. You can earn extra shopping money by completing tasks and sharing deals on Dealspotr. And your deal feed is personalized so you will see products that you are most likely to be interested in instead of hunting long lists of random deals that may be great, but just not great for you.

And, you know what? I love Ebates and all, but you don’t have to buy anything to be rewarded from Dealspotr. Just sign up and share deals and get rewarded. If you’re going to shop anyway, you definitely want to get the best prices. Unless you like wasting money. If you do, no worries. That’s totally up to you. I’d just prefer not to do that myself.

Join Dealspotr and earn

You can join Dealspotr here. And I have a nice little surprise for you. When you join using my link, you will earn +5,000 points when you complete your new user checklist and post your first valid deal. You can either click my link  to sign up or use my code MYSTERYSHOPPINGTEACHER to get in on this. You know you want to.

Those 5,000 points will get $5 to Amazon! You can cash out when you get to $10 for an Amazon gift card. It took me probably less than 20 minutes to fill out my profile AND post my first deal. It may take you less than that to earn your 5,000 points. I currently have 4,065 points because I didn’t have a referral code when I signed up :(.

I mentioned above that you need to post your first deal to get credit for your 5,000 points. Here’s how to find a deal. You can find your deal from newsletters you are signed up to with companies you regularly shop with or you can do a search of a site like Jet, Groupon, or a similar site. Find a product that is a great price and write your very first post to earn those 5,000 points. It really is that easy. Then, let me know what you think about it.



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