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History of a Mystery Shopper

Just today I wondered when mystery shopping started. I started thinking more and realized that whoever thought of mystery shopping is a genius. How did mystery shopping evolve? How did it create an impact to employees and the people behind mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping started a long time ago. This practice was used to check on how employees handle the business. It started around 1900s to 1940s by business minded people. This was originally tagged with a description of “anonymous customer service evaluator”. They used this approach to evaluate the quality given by employees to their customers and to measure business quality. The practice has been implemented by major businesses and had increased yearly even for starting business.

The popularity of mystery shopping increased with the introduction of the internet. This fad also started around the year 1990’s. There are a lot of types of mystery shopping nowadays. Different evaluations of mystery shopping are done through call centers, retail shops, video mystery shopping, web mystery shopping or mystery shopper user benefits and etc. Each type has different ways in capturing how employees or services are given to the customers.

The first and main job given to a mystery shopper is shopping. Shopping is a hobby in which everyone can do but as a mystery shopper you got to have the skills to make a good mystery shopper. Before you consider applying for this job, you need to ask yourself if you have the skills the employers need. Since the years have passed, the qualifications of a mystery shopper have increased its standards.

Listed here are some skills you have to own before you apply. First things first, you have to have some good character traits. Honesty and integrity are the two major traits you have to own to qualify a job like this. You also need to have good observation skills to see the visual side of the business. You also have to write professionally and send feedback as well as opinions to your employer to improve the business’s quality. You should also have great listening skills to accurately comprehend underlying issues and analyze the how the business is running and how you can rate the service through verbal communication.

These are just some facts available about mystery shopping. The history of mystery shopping has changed tremendously. Unfortunately, there is no exact information as to who started this approach but I’m glad mystery shopping was introduced and is still being used by most businesses. So whoever that person was or what the business was, we should thank them for this job as it created and still creates improvements for business quality.

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  • Nana 01/26/2012, 1:06 pm

    When I worked for a bank as a teller we did mystery shopping at other banks too. It was to see how to improve our own customer service skills by comparing to others’.

    • Nirra 01/26/2012, 8:18 pm

      Neat! I never tried mystery shopping a bank, but maybe one day :). Oh, and I tried your cupcakes and they were yummy! I made a ton more frosting because I made them for some kids. Okay, so I wanted a lot of frosting too.

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