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Ten Reasons to Vacation in Virginia Beach

It’s summertime and everyone is thinking about what they want to do. When the weather warms up, many people consider going to the beach. Not everyone lives close to a beach so that is a dream vacation for many people. Even people who do live near a beach would like to visit a beach different from the one they usually go to. I live an hour away fromPanama CityBeach, but I would love to visitVirginia Beach. Here are ten reasons why I’d love to visit that beach if I got the chance.

1.)    The Aquarium

As a family, we have not had the chance to visit an aquarium yet. There is an aquarium called the Virginia Aquarium that would be sure to provide us lots of opportunities to get pictures of our little boy enjoying the sealife.

2.)   First Landing State Park

The park is beautiful and it would provide so many different activities that we would never be bored.

3.)   Grommet Island Park

Our little boy would love playing on the beach park and playground. There are so many different water themed things to do that he might have as much fun here as he would on the beach.

4.)    Relaxing by the water

There is not much better than sitting underneath an umbrella and relaxing while you listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. Can you hear the sound of waves crashing?

5.)    Making Memories

We don’t go to the beach very often. I think we take it for granted because we are so close. We would get to make some special memories as a family and it would feel like a real vacation because it is not an hour away from where we live.

6.)    Dolphin Watching Boat Cruises

I have always wanted to go on a dolphin watching cruise. I know our little boy would love getting to watch dolphins!

7.)    Taking pictures

We could bury each other and take mermaid/merman pictures in the sand.

8.)    Playing in the sand

Ezra loves the sand! We can get him some little buckets so he can fill them up and carry them around. We could maybe even get him one of the buckets that make a sand castle when you fill them up.

9.)    Canoeing

Now I’ve been canoeing before and it is aLOTof fun but also a major workout. I think it would be fun to go again and if we were on vacation it might be something we do together.

10.) Food

Food is a major decider when it comes to vacations. I would love to be able to try some of the popular restaurants in the area. I think that is probably my favorite part of going somewhere new!

Why do people love going to the beach? The beach has something for everyone in the family. You can enjoy sunbathing on the beach, or cool down in the water. You are never too old or too young to enjoy the beach. Those are my ten reasons for wanting to visitVirginia Beach, would you like to go?



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