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What Stuff to Buy in February

what to buy in February

Hey everybody! It’s Superbowl Sunday and since I don’t much care for football, (I mean, it’s okay but I’m not cheering for either team this year so…) I thought I’d post this up tonight. Here’s the list and printable of the things you should be buying in February while they are the lowest price. If you are thinking about ways to save money, make sure you buy things when they are priced the lowest. Save money where you can buying the things that you need so that you can buy the things that you want. Know what I mean?

What stuff to buy in February

February’s seasonal produce: oranges, grapefruit, papayas, broccoli, lemons, cauliflower.

What stuff to buy in February

  • Winter coats- Coat prices go down the longer you wait into winter to get them. Grab one for next year now!
  • Cellphones- Since Valentine’s day is this month it is not uncommon for companies to do a buy one get one free deal for cellphones. Might be a good time to score some!
  • Cameras- New camera models come out in January and February and this is a great time to buy last year’s model at a big discount.
  • Video games- After Christmas game prices go down
  • Home theaters- Get a good deal on this before the Superbowl. Retailers want to get rid of their old inventory.
  • Motorcycles- prices drop on these because no one wants to drive motorcycles on snowy and icy roads. If you live in a state without these conditions, there aren’t likely to be discounts during this time of year for motorcycles.

Oh, and after Valentine’s day you can stock up on V-day candy when it goes on sale. As long as you don’t mind the whole Valentine thing. If it’s chocolate, I don’t care WHAT color it is.

And as promised, here is a printable of what to buy in February printable. If you enjoyed this, make sure to share and pin it on Pinterest.


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