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Save Money using Coupons on Snip Snap

Occasionally I will do posts about coupons to save money. Most of us need to save all the money that we can and using coupons is a great way to do that. How many of you are like me, though, and sometimes leave your coupons at home? I have had that happen more than once and have missed out on savings because I didn’t have my coupon book with me.

Now there is a new way to save money with coupons. If you have an iPhone you can download an app called Snip Snap. If you are a super huge fan of clipping coupons, you might be disappointed. With Snip Snap you take pictures of the coupon you want to use instead of clipping it. You can photograph any printed coupon that you want to use. The app stores the coupon for you and when you want to use it, it is there for you.

Here are some neat features of Snip Snap:

+ It alerts you when a coupon is about to expire. How many times have you missed out on using a coupon because it expired? Well, if the coupons are on Snip Snap you will get a reminder.

+ You will receive a reminder that you have a coupon when you enter the store. How awesome is that? You will never forget to use your coupon because Snip Snap will remind you about it right when you walk in.

+ You can gain access to coupons that others have Snip Snapped. The days of having to have a paper version of a coupon have come to an end with Snip Snap. If others have Snip Snapped the coupon, you can access it.

+ You can share your coupons with friends and family so they can benefit from the savings too.

Snip Snap is available for iPhone right now, but they are working on coming out with a version for Android soon. I can’t wait! You can download Snip Snap from the iPhone App Store. Will you be giving this a try? Let me know in the comments.

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