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Review and giveaway of Dry Idea deodorant

Most of us are concerned about our hygiene. I can’t say that all of us are because some people just don’t worry about how clean they are or how clean they smell. For those people, I hope they don’t have to come in contact with other people very often. I am always super paranoid about the way I smell. As you probably know, I am a teacher during the school year. It is summer time now and although I don’t worry as much as I do when I have to have meetings with parents, teachers, and teach students all day, I still want to smell good.

I had the opportunity to try Dry Idea deodorant. I have never used this brand before so I was curious to see how it would work. I was given the unscented version of Dry Idea which is a good thing. I can’t use all types of deodorant because I have sensitive skin. For example, although I really like one brand of deodorant that I won’t mention here, I can’t use it because it makes me break out in a rash under my arms. Thanks, eczema 🙁

So I have been using Dry Idea for about a week or so and have to say that I am pleased with the results. I don’t usually use unscented deodorant so if I were to purchase this brand again I would probably purchase one with a scent. However, the good thing about Dry Idea is that it does work for me. If you have never used unscented deodorant before you might be surprised like me that when you put it on, your underarms smell like nothing! Just the soap that you used to shower with!

The kind that I used was a roll on that has the little rollie ball in it. Yes, rollie ball is the technical term. It comes out really smoothly and rolls on very easily. I don’t usually use the kind of deodorant with the rollie ball in it but I liked the way that this one worked. One advantage that I can see with using the deodorant with the rollie ball in it is that when the deodorant gets down towards the bottom, you can just turn it upside down and get every last drop out. With the kind that I normally use, when you roll the deodorant all the way to the top to try and get every last brush under your arms, the top part pops off. C’mon, I KNOW I’m not the only person that has happened to before, right??? Either way, Dry idea has the clear gel and the invisible solid too so you can make your choice of the type you prefer to use. You can find out more about their deodorant on their site.

Now here is the part most of you were looking for- the giveaway. You have the chance to win one of three coupons to try a stick of Dry Idea on your own. All you have to do to win is enter on the rafflecopter widget below.  I will pick three winners with the rafflecopter widget and mail them a coupon.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclosure: Dry Idea sent me a free stick of deodorant to try in order to provide a review but all ideas, opinions, and feelings are my own. I’m sure they would not want to be associated in any way with my craziness 🙂

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