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Review Sodastream Soda Maker

Soda Stream

Who doesn’t love a great soda? The bubbles fizzing under your nose and on your tongue with just the right amount of carbonation. What if you could make your own soda? Sounds pretty cool, right?

I have had the chance to do that with a Soda Stream soda maker. I received a Soda Stream to review and it came with many, many different flavors! So far I have tried Cola, Lemon-Lime, Orange, and Ginger Ale. My favorite is the Ginger Ale because I am really in a Ginger Ale phase right now and want it all the time. I usually try to hold back from getting sodas at the store because they are expensive and also because I hate how the soda bottles fill up the garbage can. Silly but true. I prefer to put the soda bottles on the side of the garbage can until it is time to take out the trash because to me it just wastes a garbage bag when I put in the bottles because they take up so much space. My husband prefers to just put those huge soda bottles in the trash can. I happen to think that my way is right, but what can you do?

So my husband was super excited to try this soda machine. He has been wanting one for a while so he waited like an excited child for this machine to come in. When we got it, he unwrapped it, read the directions, and put it together right away. We made our first batch of soda within minutes. The very first one we tried was the lemon lime. We thought it was not fizzy enough for that batch so the next batch of soda we made, which was the cola, we added a little more fizz. I love our machine because it matches all of our other stuff. See? The far right is the Soda Stream. How perfect is that???

soda stream

It is fun to make soda! You can put as much or as little carbonation as you like. Some people like their sodas super fizzy and some like theirs with just a little fizz. Whatever your preference, you can make it happen. Now, this machine is even easy enough for me to use. I tend to be a little on the goofy side so for some reason, things don’t always work out for me when I try something new. My husband usually makes the soda because for some reason he thinks he is the soda making king.

We have made several batches of soda. I’m not sure how much longer the carbonation will last, but it seems to be going strong right now. When it is time for more carbon, you can take the tank to get it refilled or ship it off to get more. Just for good measure, here is a picture of me with a fresh batch of lemon lime soda. Yes, that is a collectible Shrek 3 glass from McDonalds. Yes I am always that happy when I drink soda. Boo yah. Not sure why I added that last thing but it felt like the right thing to say.

If you have always wanted one of these things, give it a try. It is fun and easy to use. Plus you don’t have to worry about cluttering up your garbage can with empty soda bottles. I also like that you can have soda whenever you want. It’s a really cool gadget that might get a lot of use in your home as you will always want to make up a fresh batch of soda when you have company!

To me the only thing I don’t like is that the bottle to make the soda in is so small. It might be the model that I have that comes with a small bottle and perhaps you can buy a larger one. I don’t know. And I guess that could be a good thing too because if you want to make up a few different flavors then you can just make a little bit of each flavor instead of having 2 full liters so I guess it really depends on your preferences. Either way, it is one cool machine and is Mystery Shopping Teacher approved.

Soda Stream

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  • JIM 05/25/2012, 3:45 pm

    I haven’t been able to get this right, I was so excited to use it. It always tastes flat. Now it is just collecting dust :-/ How many times do you press the button personally?

    • Nirra 05/28/2012, 11:24 pm

      I do it four long pushes and it is perfect for me. It sometimes looks like it’s flat but it is fizzy when I drink it.

  • Eric 06/16/2012, 5:50 pm

    Hey Jim I also wanted to add that if your soda doesn’t seem like it is carbonated you may want to check out some video’s on youtube to make sure you are using your soda stream correctly. The first three or so presses you will not actually get any carbonation, i guess it is just priming the co2 bottle or something like that. You will actually be able to tell when the carbonation is going into the bottle as the noise of the co2 going into the bottle will sound different than just the air going into it. For most of our soda drinks we usually have to press the button 6-7 times to get the right amount of cabonation to the soda, depending on how carbonated you like it. Hope this helps a little because the soda stream really is a great little kitchen gadget and we truly do like ours A LOT!

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