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Review of Anytime Costumes

Recently I had the chance to review a costume from Anytime Costumes. Since I didn’t really see myself dressing up for any reason, I thought I would get a costume for my little guy. We decided to get him a cowboy costume so he could wear a cowboy hat. I think we were probably much more excited about it than he was :). I searched through the costumes and decided that he would be the PERFECT Sheriff Woody. Minus the gun, of course. Oh, and we didn’t have any cowboy boots to complete the outfit but perhaps we will try to find some.

Another reason we ordered my son the costume is that his two little cousins each have a superhero costume. When they got their superhero costumes he was just a baby so he didn’t get one. Now that he is old enough to have his own costume I guess they can play sheriff and superhero or whatever little boys want to play while costumed. Now they all have their own kids costumes.

When we received the box with the costume, we were a little worried because it seemed small to have the costume and hat inside it. We opened it up and the hat was a little squished but it eventually took the right shape. My little boy didn’t seem to mind at all.

My little boy loves his costume. He likes wearing the cowboy hat most of all I think. The costume is easy to put on. It is all in one piece and you just step into the back and fasten it with velcro. He can put it on and take it off by himself and he is not even three yet. The only thing is he needs help to fasten the back.


And since it is so much fun to put a cowboy hat on a dog, here is Darwin enjoying the hat. Don’t feel sorry for him. He TOTALLY wanted to wear it.

And I will end this post with my favorite picture of my little boy in this costume. When you’re a kid there is no reason NOT to wear a costume 🙂



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  • Eric 06/16/2012, 5:54 pm

    LOL, Darwin is looking at this picture of him right now and he is not very happy that you posted this to your blog site.

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