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Review of Eshakti, Clothing for all Women

Disclosure: I received free product in order to do a review of Eshakti. All opinions are mine (and Colleen’s).


This is a guest post by my beautiful friend Colleen. I have had the chance to review some clothes from Eshakti before, and I am a plus size woman. That’s pretty obvious in my picture, I’m pretty sure. But did you guys realize that Eshakti is not just for plus size women? Well, I thought it would be a neat idea to have a guest post written by my very petite friend Colleen for Eshakti, so following is what she had to say about the experience.

Who doesn’t like the feel of their own skin? Now you can feel like you’re in your own skin with E-Shakti. It’s a new way to feel your clothing is really made for you. With hundreds of items to shop, be sure to browse the full selection. When you have selected your feature item, a simple measurement process walks you through what is needed to tailor the desired item to your fit.

Entering these measurements takes only a few minutes in the privacy of your own home. With just your time and your effort, you can open the door to a closet filled with clothing that not only feels good and looks good, but also fits good. Say goodbye to all those mis-shapen too tight here, too loose there mis-fit garments filling your wardrobe. Now you can choose the type of sleeve, the type of neckline, length of the hem, and additional features with Eshakti.

It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good. The fit of your clothes is what makes you FEEL good. The E-shakti measurement process provides the specialized fit that makes you feel beautiful.


In an Eshakti dress, you’ll look good from EVERY angle!

Most of us just buy clothes off the rack. But the way to really make yourself stand out, is to get a tailored fit. In the past that wasn’t available for everyone. But now you can get the celebrity treatment with tailor made clothing from Eshakti and it’s fast, easy, and affordable.

I think she did a pretty good job for her very first review. What do you think? By now, you’ll be wanting to check out Eshakti for yourself, and I don’t blame you. Well the good news is that you can get $40 OFF your first order when you shop at www.eShakti.com.

I adore Ehakti! It’s great for plus size women or women who are petite, like my friend. For my previous review of Eshakti on a plus size frame (mine), click here.

Have you tried Eshakti? What did you think? Leave me a comment about your experiences in the description.

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