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Review of Cable & Gauge

Cableandgaugepic1Are you one of the girls who are grateful for the maxi dress trend? I am! They are the easiest way to look cute and glamorous. I got the chance to review two dresses from Cable & Gauge. Cable & Gauge has clothing that you will actually want to wear. I know I will be making both of these dresses part of my regular wardrobe.

I got them in JUST before I went on my cruise which I was stoked about. Yes, I totally just used the word stoked. Anyway, I picked out two gorgeous maxi dresses- one solid colored and one with a pattern. They both have the twist top. The one in the picture here is Spanish Olive.

These dresses are both gorgeous and easy to wear. Here’s the pic of me in my other dress. The photographer was my four year old. I took his artistic direction (i.e. He showed me what pose he wanted me to do and I copied it. He was too cute!!!). I think this pose turned out better than a lot of the other poses I came up with!103_0614

I loved that these dresses were light feeling so the fabric doesn’t swallow you up or weigh you down. It’s also thin so that it is cool and perfect for the summer or spring. Maxi dresses are so easy to wear and you can do so much to change up your look depending on what time of year it is! Living in Florida, I will probably be wearing this even into the fall and winter!

A maxi dress is perfect to wear all seasons. You can take off more clothes when you want to cool down in the summer and spring, and add more clothes for the fall and winter. For example, for the winters in Florida, it’s not too cold. I can wear this dress with a pair of boots and a cardigan in the fall. In winter I can wear a pair of tights underneath with boots. For the top I’d probably wear a neutral colored sweater which will cover the top so it looks more like I’m wearing a skirt. If it’s really cold I will wear a long sleeved shirt underneath the sweater. Winter is all about wearing comfortable layers.

Oh, and I almost forgot the way I wore this dress for much of the day in Cozumel. I wore the skirt of the dress pulled up to about my knees. To get the look you pull the skirt part up from the chest area of your dress. The band of the dress that goes underneath your boobs is great at holding your skirt in the position you tuck it. You can make your dress longer in the back and shorter in the front or the same length all the way around.

These dresses were great for wearing as a swimsuit cover-up too. In the picture above I am wearing the patterned dress over my swimsuit. Unfortunately, the day we were in Cozumel it rained for part of the time so we didn’t get to do much swimming.

The dresses are flattering on my figure. The dresses I ordered were in an XL, and I generally wear a size 20 dress. As a plus sized woman, I was curious about how the dresses would fit. They actually fit pretty well. They were long enough in the front and back. My butt and boobs tend to hike up dresses, but both dresses were of appropriate length. I could do a little better with the help of some Spanx, but what dress wouldn’t be better with Spanx?

I would definitely recommend Cable & Gauge for women of all sizes. My husband would recommend it too. He actually said that I needed to get like four more of those dresses and he never compliments my clothing. Check out Cable & Gauge for yourself here.



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