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Review: My Art Print from Fulcrumgallery.com

girl with pearl


Do you remember the first time you saw a certain piece of art? Whether it was in a book, or in person, certain works of art stay with us. It is that way for me with the piece I chose to review from Fulcrumgaller.com. The first time I saw this print was in print. It was for one of my humanities classes in college. You know, one of the classes you take where you probably don’t pay too much attention to what the teacher is saying but you look at the pictures. Wait, am I the only one who did that?

I chose to do a review of a framed print of Vermeer called, Girl with a Pearl Earring. The print features a young girl wearing a cloth wrapped around her hair. She is looking towards the painter, and she has a huge pearl earring in her ear. The background of the painting is dark, so your eye is really drawn to the girl and her earring. It seems like such a simple work of art, but I guess all of the really good paintings do.

I was super excited when it came in the mail. The box was large and I was worried for a minute that the framed print was much larger than I anticipated. However, once I opened it up I noticed that the box was bigger than the actual framed print in order to provide protection for it, which makes sense. There were no damages to the artwork, and now my biggest concern is where I can put it in my house! My husband already has a couple of things that he needs to hang- family pictures- but I want this to go up somewhere  so that I can see it regularly. Once that is decided, my Vermeer will be hung and our house will be just a little more beautiful because of that.

Thank you Fulcrumgallery.com for the beautiful art print! Click here to get one of your own!

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