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Review and Giveaway of Rock ‘N Learn Sight Words DVD

Can I just say that I love Rock ‘N Learn? I’ve gotten to review a couple other products from them and I can always say that their products are excellent. They are very good teaching tools that children enjoy watching. Rock ‘N Learn started in 1986. The goal was to help children learn by putting music to educational material. Not just any old music though, it had to be rockin’ music. The result of this idea is over 50 titles of Rock ‘N Learn products that range in topic from math, reading, science, social studies, languages, and even test prep.

I got the chance to review the new Sight Words DVD from Rock ‘N Learn. My little boy watched the dvd with me and he seemed to enjoy it, even though it is aimed at Pre-school aged children. The dvd covers words that children need to know to have success in reading. Sight words are the words that children should know automatically when they see them in print. Being fluent in reading sight words makes it much easier for children to be fluent readers in general.

The Sight Words DVD, like the other Rock ‘N Learn DVDs I’ve reviewed, has great educational content delivered in a way that is appealing to kids. My little boy was smiling, laughing, and dancing to the music from his highchair. I am working with him to teach him some words so there were some words he knew already.

This DVD would be perfect for my nephew who is entering Kindergarten. He will be entering Kindergarten and he already knows how to read. He had an awesome pre-k teacher who taught him to read last school year. This DVD would be a great way for him to gain more fluency with the words that he already knows and add more sight words to expand his vocabulary. There is also a bonus section on the DVD where kids can practice their spelling and learning with the shapes of words. The DVD is good for young but advanced kids who are eager to learn, or for kids who have remedial needs.

If you are a parent and are looking for free printable worksheets, Rock ‘N Learn has some resources you can use.

Free Math Worksheets
Free Practice tests and test taking strategies

You can buy the latest Sight Words DVD at www.rocknlearn.com. There is a discount code you can use for 25% off your entire purchase. Use code JQ7711.

OR you can win your choice of one DVD or CD from Rock ‘N Learn! Use the Rafflecopter widget below for the different ways you can get entries.

Disclosure: I received a Sight Word DVD in order to do this review. All opinions are my own.

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  • Anja M. 09/07/2011, 5:14 pm

    Thanks so much! Just sent you my shipping information.

    • Nirra 09/07/2011, 11:22 pm

      I got it! I will forward your choice to the sponsor. Hope your kids enjoy your dvd 🙂

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