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Review and Giveaway BabyFirst I Can Sign DVD


I Can Sign

Have I got an awesome giveaway for you. Well, let me back up first. I have a review of a great DVD to share with you, then I’ll get to the giveaway.

I got to review a BabyFirst DVD, “I Can Sign”. This DVD helps parents teach their kids how to sign. Have you heard of BabyFirst? It is the #1 cable and satellite channel for toddlers and moms and “I Can Sign” is just one of the many educational shows on that channel.

One of the great things about this DVD is that it can be help babies who don’t yet speak learn how to express themselves. Do you remember the times before your child was able to verbalize? Surely they had things that they wanted to tell you but were just unable to do so. Teaching your baby to sign can be a great stress reducer for him or her as well as you. Imagine how much easier it would be if your baby can just sign to tell you he or she is hungry instead of crying! I’m thinking that would be preferable any day 🙂

I love getting educational DVDs for my little guy. I guess it’s the teacher in me, but I just feel like I want my little guy to be able to watch educational stuff to help him learn new things while he is young. He really enjoys this DVD. He likes doing the signs, but he doesn’t quite have them memorized yet. I have watched some of the video with him and surprisingly, it is very easy to pick up, even for me with my terrible memory. The key is the repetition.

As a teacher, I use repetition in my classroom a lot. Sometimes I feel like I am overdoing it, and I guess for some children, I am. However, repetition is a great way to teach. Seriously, if you get this video, your child will be able to sign, in my humble opinion. The video has an instructor showing and saying the words and then pictures of the word. It is repeated several times so the child will have plenty of opportunities to learn the word. The music is so soothing and the pictures are so sweet!

I have really enjoyed this video. We are actually watching it right now. Well, I’m writing this review while the video is on in the background. I love broadening my childs’ horizons with something that I never had the chance to learn. How would you like to win a copy of this DVD? Use the rafflecopter widget below to get your entries in!

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this DVD in order to do a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

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