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Protecting your Family During Flu Season


Disclosure: I received Dial Miracle Oil hand soap for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


The flu can be a miserable, miserable thing. According to flu.gov, the seasonal flu usually starts in the fall and peaks in January or February. Phew, right? Well, it goes on to say that flu season can occur as early as October and last until May. That’s a lot of months! That means that you should be vigilant about protecting yourself and your family from the flu.

The flu spreads from contact with germs that you get by being around an infected person if they sneeze, cough, or talk and spray droplets in the air that land in your nose, eye, or mouth. You can also get the flu if you touch a surface that has the virus on it and later touch  your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Some people are more likely to have complications from the flu.  People who are 65 and older, children, and those with chronic health problems are in this category.

For me as a teacher, I try to be extra careful about handling things behind my students. That’s why they don’t touch the things on my desk at all, like EVER. I don’t share pens or pencils with them because I could get the flu from them by letting them borrow one of my pens. They may put the virus on my pen, I get the pen back from them, and wipe my eye. It’s that simple. If I get the flu then I am knocked on my behind for several days and I can’t afford that! That means I have to drag myself to school to make lesson plans that cover everything that students need to know to prepare them for the state assessment but it has to be simple enough that a substitute who may not have experience in education can teach them. What’s a better idea is to take precautions to keep myself from getting the flu. Aside from wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose when you are around sick people, there are a few ways that you can prevent yourself from catching the flu. Here are some tips on what you too can do to prevent yourself from getting the flu.

sillydialWash your hands!

I have had the chance to review Dial’s new Miracle Oil hand soap and that is one kind of soap you can use to keep your hands clean. It smells great and moisturizes your hands while you wash them. According to flu.gov, you should wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. Dial is a deep cleansing hand soap so you know you will have clean hands after using it. And since it is a family soap, the whole family can benefit from washing their hands with it.

Avoid touching your nose, eyes, or mouth 

Remember how I mentioned up above that you can get the flu from having the flu virus on your hand and then touching these areas? It makes sense to stop touching these areas because you never know if the flu virus is lurking on your skin somewhere.

Stay away from sick people!

Sometimes you can’t avoid sick people completely, but you don’t have to be all huggy huggy with them. If someone looks sick, stay back. I think it’s a good idea just to wash my hands after having contact with a sick person during the height of flu season. If I see someone sniffling or coughing, I’ll either wash my hands or use hand sanitizer. I carry it in my purse and there are bottles in my classroom too.

And do other people a favor when you are sick and stay home. If you have a fever, the best place to be is at your house where you can’t spread the flu to other unsuspecting people. You are actually supposed to stay home at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medicine like Tylenol or Motrin.

I have no opinion about getting the flu vaccine. Some years I do get it and some years I don’t get it. I don’t know if it’s really protected my or not so I can’t really tell you about that. Talk with your doctor :). dial handsoap

Now, since one way to prevent the spread of the flu virus is to wash your hands, I have a coupon to give away! Dial Miracle Oil is a brand new handsoap from Dial that I got to try. The fragrance I got is Marula Oil. It matches the Miracle Oil body wash I reviewed a little while back.  Would you like to win a coupon for dial liquid hand soap? Use the giveaway tools widget below.


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