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Paranoid with a Mystery Shopper (guest post)

I haven’t really shared any experience I have with mystery shopping or shopper. So I guess I should share some of these with everyone. My first job was in a call center. This is where I first heard of mystery shopper. I was really curious at what it meant and I didn’t even research on it in the web but I asked my coworkers about it instead. From then on, it changed the way how I take phone calls for the customers calling in.

5 years have passed and I still remember how they explained it to me. My friends in the call center said, “Those are clients pretending to be an irate customer or just a customer. They just want to check how you handle a phone call”. Right after I heard those words I asked myself, why are they doing that? My supervisor told me that it’s one way for them to check on their employees and business. From then on, when I get a call, I always ask myself, could this be a mystery shopper? Honestly, I was a bit paranoid about that even existing, but I told myself that if I’m not doing something wrong, I shouldn’t be afraid of mystery shoppers.

A few months after knowing what mystery shoppers were, I asked myself what these mystery shoppers ask when they call and how rate us. Of course I was told back then those were clients, but having knowledge of this mystery shopper has lead me the conclusion that those are employees working for the same employer we have. And then again, how do these mystery shoppers rate us? Is then going to affect my pay? I always ask myself about that and I’m glad to know that it rates the quality we give out to customers and it doesn’t affect my pay.

Now let me tell you one encounter I had with a mystery shopper in the call center. That person was a guy and he was trying to place an order in our online retail site. I walked him through the process and he had lots of questions regarding our shipping benefits and shipping methods we offer. It was like he was trying to check on how knowledgeable I am with my job. I think he was a mystery shopper and I hoped that he’d give me a good rate or at least our site.

Anyhow, the idea of mystery shopping has given a lot of thoughts to people I know. I also make sure I share them things about mystery shoppers so that they are aware of this approach to check the quality of a business. To tell you honestly, some of my colleagues haven’t heard of mystery shoppers at all. It’s definitely a good thing that we share what we know about mystery shopping.


This has been a guest post my admin :). I’ve never worked in a call center

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