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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Groupon. All opinions are mine.


Do you shop at any of the places in the picture above? Well, if you shop there or any of hundreds of other stores online, you might be missing out on savings. See, usually when people shop online they type in the address to the site where they want to shop. Like you might decide that you want to get a new laptop and Best Buy is the place you want to shop. Most people would probably go directly to BestBuy.com. Nothing wrong with that except they might be missing out on savings. Most of us could use all the savings we can get!

What you should do is shop through Groupon Coupons any time you shop online. Groupon Coupons is a fast and easy way to save money when you are shopping online. I always search for coupons when I shop online just so I can save an extra few bucks.

Groupon Coupons has tons of stores that you can save money on. Like makeup? You could be saving money at Sephora by shopping through Groupon Coupons. Need flowers delivered? Try FTD. You can even save on travel with priceline.com. That feels like a double win to me. You save money with priceline already, but when you start with Groupon Coupons and then shop on priceline it’s like a double rainbow of awesomeness!

That’s just my opinion :). Have you used Groupon Coupons before? If you have, what was your experience? Leave me a comment!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Groupon. All opinions are my own.


Have you ever purchased a Groupon? No? Well, you are about to learn just how you can save money on your Health, Beauty, and Wellness needs with Groupon. With Groupon you can get discounts on so many different things it’s mind boggling. From food to health and beauty to travel- you can find a Groupon for just about anything. Groupon is a site where you can go to find steep discounts on a variety of products, experiences, and services. When I say steep, I mean quite often half price or more. And it’s not like they jack up the prices and then give you a discount on that (yeah, some sites are like that, but not Groupon).

With Groupon, I love that you can try things that you’ve never tried before at a price break so if you end up not liking something, well, it’s not the end of the world because you haven’t paid that much for it. Know what I mean? So if there’s a gym you want to try but don’t want to pay full price, you should search on Groupon to see if you can try it at a discount. It’s worth a two minute search on Groupon to see if you can find a discount for something new you’d like to try!

Personally, I have purchased Groupons for restaurants and beauty treats. I have used Groupon to get a manicure/pedicure for a great price. There are many different options when it comes to Health, Beauty, & Wellness Groupons. When I got my mani/pedi Groupon, I saved almost 50% getting a Groupon for a salon that I had never been to before. It turned out to be totally worth my time to try the place because they did a fantastic job.

I’ve got my eye on another one of those Groupons right now. I might just have to check it out with the almost 50% discount that they have available!

Have you ever used Groupon for Health, Beauty, and Wellness Groupons? How did it work out for you? Let me know in the comments!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.

Silhouette flat iron and curling wand
Have you seen my video on using a NuMe curling wand? Well, here it is if you wanted to see the look I was able to come up with.

Let me tell you, I am no hair doing professional. I NEVER curl my hair. Seriously, it’s been over six years since I’ve done a single curl with a curling iron. With NuMe’s curling wand, I practiced once and was able to get the curls you see above.

And this curling wand is for all types of hair whether you are black, white, or purple. If you have hair that’s long enough to curl, you can use this. The heat is adjustable for all hair types.

If you’ve been wanting to try a curling wand, you should give this a try! Now you can for CHEAP. For just $59 you can get a Silhouette flat iron + the Classic Wand + Free Shipping. Yeah, girl, I said FREE SHIPPING. Are you ordering this now? You better. Sale ends September 11th. You need the code: DOUBLEDEAL to get this offer. Get it for yourself or a friend. Shoot. At this price, you can get one for both uh yous. Seriously. Check it out here.

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Sale! Get up to 50% off Mixbook

Summer’s almost over! Make sure you print your pictures! Here’s the perfect way to do it. Get up to 50% off all Mixbook products!

They have all kinds of picture products, and when you click here, you can get up to 50% off with code: CARDSDEAL. Hurry! This offer won’t last for long! It expires 9/15.

Check out my post about Mixbook photo books if you’ve never tried them before. You will be very happy with the picture products you receive from them. They are great!

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy for more information.