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If you’ve been a reader for any amount of time, you probably know that I love me some smell good. Smell good candles, smell good lotion, and smell good laundry are some of my favorite things in general. Seriously, how can you be in a bad mood when you take clothes out of the dryer and they smell like they were washed in mountain water infused with spring flowers? You can’t! I am always like super excited to get new laundry stuff from Purex. I am so excited to get to try their new products all the time. One of their newest offerings is Purex Crystals ScentSplash.

Wanna read a quick story? Sure ya do. One day I was in the checkout line at Winn Dixie and this older lady on one of those scooters that the store provides for customers was in front of me in line. She said that I could go next because I only had like one thing in my hand. As I walked past her she said that I smelled good. She was like, “What are you wearing? You smell really good?” I said, “Oh, um…it must be my perfume…I think it’s called like Miss Dior or something.” She said, “Well, no wonder! Let me get a smell of it again.” I laughed and waived my wrist kind of near her face. She said, “It smells like clean, fresh laundry!!!” Then it dawned on me that I wasn’t wearing perfume that day. So it was, in fact, clean fresh laundry that the lady was smelling, thanks to Purex. True story!!!!

I love the smell of fresh laundry. I love when I go to my washer and move the clothes to the dryer and they smell beautifully clean. I love when I take them out of the dryer while they are still warm and fold them. I love when I lie down on clean sheets that have been freshly washed so I can drift to sleep while inhaling a beautiful fragrance. It’s the simple things in life, ya know?

So about Purex Crystals ScentSplash- it’s basically liquid freshness. It’s an in-wash fragrance booster that gives your laundry a fresh scent. You can use it to help eliminate laundry odors. You don’t need a whole lot of it either. That’s the great thing. You can stretch your dollar and use just a little bit of it for the freshening needs of your laundry.

Would you like to try this in your laundry? Enter the giveaway using the giveaway tools widget below.

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Disclosure: I received this product free in exchange for an unbiased review.

Every now and then I like to try doing something different. I might like to bake something new, but baking ends up going to my thighs, unfortunately. I might even make something new or write a book. This time, I decided that I would make homemade tea tree oil deodorant. Why not? Sometimes the homemade way is the better way, right?

Tea tree oil

So the reason this venture came about is I got to try Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil, which is a product on Amazon. I have never used an essential oil before. I mean, I know they are in stuff that I’ve used, but I’ve never purchased one by itself. You’ve used essential oils too, ya know. Essential oils are used for a variety of purposes such as cleaning, massaging, freshening the air, and baking, just to name a few things. Love the smell of lavender? It’s an essential oil. Sandalwood? It’s an essential oil. Vanilla? I think so, too.

Tea Tree oil, like I got to review, is a really, really versatile essential oil. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as removing lice, getting rid of dandruff, fighting ringworm, and even making toothpaste. It is a kind of natural antiseptic. People use it for all kind of stuff, really. It has a mediciney smell to it. I mean, you can tell it is an antiseptic just by the smell of it.

It’s amazing that one product like this can be used for so many purposes. I got an ebook when I ordered this product and it has 50 uses for tea tree oil. I learned that tea tree oil is an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. Wow, right? I flipped through and decided that the first thing I would try is deodorant.

The next thing I’m going to try is to kill mold in my bathroom. Scratch that last sentence I already used it on the mold and mildew in my bathroom and it totally works. I put some on a q-tip and applied it directly to the mold and mildew. I like to imagine the individual mold spots dying a terrible, horrible death. Like dramatically screaming and crying and everything. Snotty nosed crying, not regular crying. The crying where you kind of make a hiccupingish sound. I picture entire villages of mold and mildew reduced to one or two that escaped my hurried cotton swab. Like I said, maybe one or two tiny spots of mold might have escaped my tea tree rampage. Then, they finally surrender to their loneliness, and show up a little more so I can dab them with tea tree oil next time to finish them off. That’s pretty gratifying.

So yeah. I did make the tea tree oil deodorant. I got the recipe out of the free ebook that came with the Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil. Here’s the recipe:

Tea Tree Oil Deodoranthomemade deodorant, how to make tea tree oil deodorant

12 drops Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil

½ cup baking soda

5 tbsp. coconut oil (extra virgin if you can find it)

¼ cup arrowroot powder (or cornstarch)

Empty deodorant container or metal tub with a lid

1. Mix the baking soda and arrowroot power (or cornstarch) together (I had cornstarch…cause who has arrowroot powder on hand amiright??).103_0777

2. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave for about 30-35 seconds until it’s all melted. You don’t want any white clumps here. That means that the coconut oil is not all the way melted. Be careful! The oil is melted, so don’t burn yourself.103_0781

3. Add the tea tree oil to the coconut oil and stir.


4. Pour the melted coconut oil and tea tree oil into the powdered mixture. Stir well. Make sure you don’t have any clumps.


5. You end up with a nice, smooth batch of deodorant. Pour it into your deodorant container. I used one that I had on hand. I just cleaned out the container, rolled it down all the way to the bottom, and filled it up in my kitchen sink. You can also buy them on Amazon. Once it sets up, it works just like deodorant. You roll it up to use it. It’s super cool!

tea tree oil deodorant

6. Place it in the refrigerator to set up. When you want to use it, take it out of the refrigerator and let it warm up a bit or you won’t be able to turn the dial at the bottom of the deodorant. I am keeping mine in the bathroom like regular deodorant.

You won’t believe how EASY it is to make your own deodorant. And here’s the thing: it actually works. It worked for me. I used it today! I put my homemade deodorant under one armpit and store bought kind another the other and they were both odor free at the end of the day. That’s WITH me going out to recess with my kids today. I actually think I would like to try some variations of this recipe with other essential oil fragrances. I like that the tea tree oil is an anti-septic and all that stuff, but I would love to try halving the tea tree oil and using a few drops of some other fragrance like lavender- which I love. Maybe try getting several different essential oils and mixing up my own scent even. I don’t know. I’m feeling incredibly creative suddenly.

Have you had any experience with tea tree oil? I’d love to hear what you’ve used it or other essential oils for!

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Disclosure: I received Dial Miracle Oil hand soap for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.


The flu can be a miserable, miserable thing. According to flu.gov, the seasonal flu usually starts in the fall and peaks in January or February. Phew, right? Well, it goes on to say that flu season can occur as early as October and last until May. That’s a lot of months! That means that you should be vigilant about protecting yourself and your family from the flu.

The flu spreads from contact with germs that you get by being around an infected person if they sneeze, cough, or talk and spray droplets in the air that land in your nose, eye, or mouth. You can also get the flu if you touch a surface that has the virus on it and later touch  your nose, eyes, or mouth.

Some people are more likely to have complications from the flu.  People who are 65 and older, children, and those with chronic health problems are in this category.

For me as a teacher, I try to be extra careful about handling things behind my students. That’s why they don’t touch the things on my desk at all, like EVER. I don’t share pens or pencils with them because I could get the flu from them by letting them borrow one of my pens. They may put the virus on my pen, I get the pen back from them, and wipe my eye. It’s that simple. If I get the flu then I am knocked on my behind for several days and I can’t afford that! That means I have to drag myself to school to make lesson plans that cover everything that students need to know to prepare them for the state assessment but it has to be simple enough that a substitute who may not have experience in education can teach them. What’s a better idea is to take precautions to keep myself from getting the flu. Aside from wearing a mask that covers your mouth and nose when you are around sick people, there are a few ways that you can prevent yourself from catching the flu. Here are some tips on what you too can do to prevent yourself from getting the flu.

sillydialWash your hands!

I have had the chance to review Dial’s new Miracle Oil hand soap and that is one kind of soap you can use to keep your hands clean. It smells great and moisturizes your hands while you wash them. According to flu.gov, you should wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub. Dial is a deep cleansing hand soap so you know you will have clean hands after using it. And since it is a family soap, the whole family can benefit from washing their hands with it.

Avoid touching your nose, eyes, or mouth 

Remember how I mentioned up above that you can get the flu from having the flu virus on your hand and then touching these areas? It makes sense to stop touching these areas because you never know if the flu virus is lurking on your skin somewhere.

Stay away from sick people!

Sometimes you can’t avoid sick people completely, but you don’t have to be all huggy huggy with them. If someone looks sick, stay back. I think it’s a good idea just to wash my hands after having contact with a sick person during the height of flu season. If I see someone sniffling or coughing, I’ll either wash my hands or use hand sanitizer. I carry it in my purse and there are bottles in my classroom too.

And do other people a favor when you are sick and stay home. If you have a fever, the best place to be is at your house where you can’t spread the flu to other unsuspecting people. You are actually supposed to stay home at least 24 hours after your fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medicine like Tylenol or Motrin.

I have no opinion about getting the flu vaccine. Some years I do get it and some years I don’t get it. I don’t know if it’s really protected my or not so I can’t really tell you about that. Talk with your doctor :). dial handsoap

Now, since one way to prevent the spread of the flu virus is to wash your hands, I have a coupon to give away! Dial Miracle Oil is a brand new handsoap from Dial that I got to try. The fragrance I got is Marula Oil. It matches the Miracle Oil body wash I reviewed a little while back.  Would you like to win a coupon for dial liquid hand soap? Use the giveaway tools widget below.


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Disclosure: Dial hooked me up with a bottle of this in exchange for my review. These opinions are my own, though.

Our family went to the Great Smokey Mountains in December of last year. We had a BLAST. I didn’t really think I was much of a nature person, but I thoroughly enjoyed hoofing it through the trails in the mountains. Of course, there was one time I thought we were lost and our bodies weren’t going to be found, but it turns out we were just slow walkers. The time on the sign said the trail would take like 20 minutes and it took us more like 35 minutes. I started to panic just a smidge. Here is a picture of us at one point on the trail.


You like how I tied that jacked around my waist like it’s 1995 don’t you? Anyway, the reason I mention that is because there were some unexpected finds that I enjoyed.

Unexpected find #1- There was a gas station open on Christmas day that sold FRESH, HOT Cinnabons. We thought we weren’t going to be able to eat because everything closed down for Christmas, but we were able to eat Chinese for dinner. My little boy discovered that he likes egg drop soup. He ate like four bowls of it. After that, naturally, we wanted dessert. We wanted ice cream but all the ice cream shops were closed for Christmas. We were driving around and, lo and behold, we saw a gas station that sold Cinnabons. It was like the heavens opened up and light shone down on that gas station. So we were thrilled that the gas station sold Cinnabons, sure enough. But when we went inside and saw that there was a little station for the dude to make the Cinnabons on the spot, we were awed. So that is how we got fresh Cinnabons on Christmas day in the Smokey Mountains.

Unexpected find #2- There was this pancake house we went to that had some awesome scrub stuff that you use on your hands. You were supposed to wash your hand and then use this sugar scrub. They sold the sugar scrub at the restaurant gift shop so they let you try before you were to buy. The scrub was a great at exfoliating and it smelled really nice. I was too cheap frugal to buy some, but I liked the idea of it. The thing I didn’t like was it left my hands feeling oily. Like can’t turn a door knob oily. Kwim?

dial boutique collection

So the first thing I thought about when I got the Boutique Collection Sugar Cane Husk Scrub to review was that oily but smell good stuff I used in the Smokies. I wasn’t sure what the Dial hand soap was going to be like. Fortunately, it’s not like that other stuff I tried. The Dial soap scrub is a great way to clean your hands and moisturize them without leaving them feeling oily. Plus, there is the whole exfoliation thing that I love. It’s called a Micro-scrubber. And, of course, it smells delicious. It smells good enough to eat- although I don’t recommend that.

How about you have a chance to win a coupon for free hand soap from Dial? I have a coupon to give away.  Enter this giveaway using the giveaway tool thingie below.

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