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Nature’s Sleep Slipper Review and giveaway

Who doesn’t love a great pair of slippers? I absolutely love a good pair of slippers. Recently I got the chance to review some Nature’s Sleep slippers and they were awesome. They are super soft, super warm, and super comfortable. You can see what other products they have to offer at www.naturessleep.com. Florida didn’t have much of a winter this year. I usually always prepare for winter with a new pair of slippers. This year, like every other, I got a pair of slippers. They are wonderful as well. I paid more for them than the Nature’s Sleep slippers sell for. The Nature’s Sleep slippers go for about $35. I must say that I enjoy the Nature’s Sleep slippers. They are not too hot but also not the type that leave your feet cold. They have just the right amount of warmth for me.

Even though we didn’t get much of a winter this year, we live in an older, drafty, block home. I am not really the type who likes to wear shoes in my house. I know that some people do but I like to wear socks when it is warm, and slippers when it is cold to keep my feet warm. We have laminate floors and underneath the laminate there is cold slab. To me it is important to keep my feet warm because when my feet are cold it is hard to warm up during the winter time.

I enjoy the Nature’s Sleep slippers because they seem to hug your feet. Sound corny? Maybe it is but it is true in my opinion. The slippers that I reveiwed were the closed toe variety. I have no use for open toe slippers but to each his own. These shoes are available in Unisex sizes so Men or Women can order the slippers. If you are a woman you simply order the slippers in one size smaller than you normally wear (because the slippers are sized in men’s sizing).

If you would like to order a pair of slippers, or anything else, you can use the code BEARS50 on Nature’s Sleep site. You will get 50% off of your order. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Even sweeter is the chance for you to win your own pair of Nature’s Sleep slippers right on this blog! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. You have until 3/14 to get your entry in. Get started now!

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