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Make Money as a Real Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper is an easy way for us to make money. We won’t need to use much of our brain and energy. The only challenging part of mystery shopping is looking for a legitimate mystery shopper job. Mystery shopping can attract a lot of shoppers which can be a plot for scammers who wants to get our money instead of us getting paid. Finding a legitimate mystery shopping online can be hard but checking on their offers, we should be able to tell which are the scams.

A real mystery shopper requires you have to shop using your own cash. The way it works is that they ask you to dispense your own money and they reimburse it to you once the job is done. But if the offer is the other way around, let’s say they give you a check and you have to deposit it, never accept the offer instead because it could be a scam. Another scenario is they pay you ahead by giving out a check but then you end up having a bouncing check as your payment.

Like any other job, in mystery shopping, you have to earn money. The job is expense-free, meaning, you don’t have to pay up for any registration or some sort. You earn money after you finish the project; it’s just like any other job out there. There are a lot of online sites that can be deceiving and gives you lots of promises. Again the clue you got here is that there’s no registration fee. If they ask you one, then just forget about that “company”.

Those are just 2 major clues you need to stay away from mystery shopping. So let’s go on in how you can make money with mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping is not always available. You don’t do it every day like a regular job. The best thing about mystery shopping is that you could earn extra because it’s just a part time job. Although even if it’s a part time job, it’s enjoyable because you get the chance to shop for free.

One of the skills required to be a mystery shopper is to have good comprehension skills. You got to understand the instructions given to you.

The required projects for mystery shopping can be small or big. Chances are you get paid a small amount for small assignments, but that’s fine whether it’s small, you still need to say yes to the job so that you can work yourself up and your employer can give you big assignments.

Familiarity of gadgets or having your own gadget is a plus for mystery shoppers. Having your own cellphone, digital camera or a netbook can help the communication you have with your employer. You can show them pictures and report to them ASAP.

Getting your assignments done can be a plus for you. Therefore you’ll get more projects assigned for major mystery shopping assignments eventually.

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  • Heidi Dean 01/28/2012, 7:54 pm

    Thanks for the info and tips. I’ve always wanted to do mystery shopping but I’m always hesitant because I don’t want to get ripped off. Also, I don’t live in a big city. We have a mall and all the big box stores and restaurants. Do you have any info on any reputable companies.

    • Nirra 01/29/2012, 7:15 pm

      Hi Heidi,

      Absolutely! I’ll send you an email with some reputable companies to help you get started. Also, I don’t live in a big city either. We don’t even have a mall :). If you are looking for a way to make some extra cash, mystery shopping is really an easy way to do it. The best thing is to just jump in and get started

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