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Join the Cooking Club of America for Free Kitchen Gadgets

cooking club membership

Hey! You should try this! For three dollars you get a 3 month membership to the Cooking Club of America. We did this awhile ago and got some cute recipe cards. We also got some wine charms. I think it was a free trial when we joined so we didn’t get any gadgets. However as a paying member I’m sure you have a much better chance at getting kitchen gadgets than someone who just goes for the freebies ;). Give it a try! With the three month membership you get:

+ 3 months of Cooking Club of America membership, including Cooking Club magazine- an interactive guide to wonderfully delicious recipes, mouthwatering photography, quick-to-master techniques and much more!

+ Also the privilege to test and keep FREE cooking products Access to the Club website Cooking Club magazine subscription

+ And exclusive deals and discounts- Exclusive Club e-Newsletters and you’ll Qualify for FREE Gifts & Club Giveaways 

Sign up here!

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