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How to make $100 test driving cars!

Yes, you read that right. You can make $100 test driving cars! That’s what I got paid for less than 2 hours of work. Here’s a screen shot of my PayPal account.

how to make $50/hour, how to make $100 test driving cars

Yes! You can make $100 test driving cars!

Note the date I got paid was just a few days ago. Want to see how I got that $100? Read on.

So, y’all know I am a mystery shopper, right? My blog is mystery shopping teacher because I first started blogging about mystery shopping. I blog about many, many things now but I was first inspired to blog when I realized that other people might be interested in reading about mystery shopping.

The $100 payday above I got by mystery shopping a car dealership. If you want to know more details about mystery shopping, click here. I’m not going to explain that all right now because I have lots of info on my blog about it. Or, if you want to go straight to buying my ebook about mystery shopping, you can click here. My book has details about how to get started mystery shopping and how to make the most money as a mystery shopper. I updated it about a month ago with fresh information about what’s working now in mystery shopping.


So, back to the reason for this post: I made $100 test driving one vehicle. The whole process took less than 2 hours of work. I downloaded the report, read it, and went to the dealership to do the shop. I was at the dealership for about an hour. The rest of the time was spent actually writing the report and submitting it. That equals $50/hour of work!! Do you make that at your job? Most of us probably do not.

The day started with me checking my email like I always do. I had gotten an email about this mystery shop with shop pay of $80 plus a $20 bonus, so of course it piqued my interest. I logged in and read all the details and realized it was a shop that I could do. I’ve never done a car dealership mystery shop, although my husband has done a few. We got dressed and headed out the door to the shop.

We drove to the dealership and commenced the shop. An hour or so later, we were done with the onsite part. We went about our regular business and headed back home later that evening. I completed the questionnaire and submitted it that evening. I had to wait three days to see if anyone from the dealership would contact me about my test drive before I could fully submit the report and get credit for the shop. It was that easy!

I got the money straight to my PayPal account in less than three weeks! It was faster than I even expected, but no complaints from me about that! That is just one of the types of mystery shops that almost anyone can do. It’s not difficult at all to be a mystery shopper. You do have to have an eye for detail and be able to keep track of the requirements, but you get better at these things as you do more mystery shops. Here are just some of the types of mystery shops out there that I’ve done or heard of: tobacco compliance, oil change, grocery store, retail store, hotel, cruise, phone, fast food, fine dining, apartment, junk removal, and so much more.

You can get paid to go eat out at a fine dining restaurant and everything will be paid for down to the parking fee! That’s my kind of mystery shop! I usually shop if I can make at least 20-25$ per hour unless it’s something that I am going to be doing anyway. For example, once I did a hotel mystery shop because I needed a hotel room anyway. I can’t actually remember how much I got paid, but it didn’t matter because they paid for my hotel room as well as giving me a shop fee. If your family normally eats out once a week, maybe you can do a mystery shop that will reimburse you for your meal AND pay a fee. It’s worth looking into, right?

When you are a mystery shopper, you work for yourself. You take the jobs that you want to take. People will even call you to offer you work if you like and you are free to say yes or no because you are an independent contractor! How many jobs are like that?

If this has made you think more about being a mystery shopper, make sure you check out my book, Everything you have Always Wanted to Know about Mystery Shopping. It’s only $17- and you can make that back with your first mystery shop so the book will have paid for itself! When you purchase the book, you’ll be taken to the download page where I’ll reveal the  company I shopped with to earn $100 doing a car test drive. Click here to check it out. You won’t regret it!


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