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Great Product for Teachers and Parents! Review of Q’s Race to the Top

Disclosure: Received product for free to review. My own opinions are given.


Okay, so I had the chance to try a great new product that is for Kids 3 and older to help them learn social skills. You can get it on Amazon and it’s called Q’s Race to the Top Educational Board Game with Book: social skills, manners, and better behavior! So on the box to the game, it says that it’s for kids 3+. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I thought I’d give it a try with my kids at school who are 9-10 years old.

The product includes a game board with directions, cards, four game pieces, and a die. The directions are easy to follow and understand. It took my students two minutes to read before they were playing and having fun. One of my students, when he saw the front of the box where it says 3+ for the age, “It’s not going to have two year old drool on it is it?” I told him that they were the first to play the game and I wanted them to let me know if it was any fun or not.

Well, fun it is! They had a blast laughing and playing together. My favorite thing was the questions that asked them to think about their experiences and how they would handle potentially stressful situations for a child. One card I remember heard them reading was something like, “How do you handle a situation when you need to talk to an adult and they are talking to someone else?” I heard them talking about it being silly but my game leader talked about the right way to handle the situation.

This game is a great way to help kids really think about their behavior and actions. Traditional ways of teaching behavior are not usually something that kids want to do. However, in THIS format, a game, kids are learning without even realizing it. All kids love board games!

This is a product that teachers should DEFINITELY have in their classroom. We all have kids who struggle with appropriate social skills. This product will help! I plan on using this regularly in my classroom for my students who need that help with behaving appropriately.

Parents, you will benefit from getting this game for your kids as well. It’s a great chance to play with them and talk with them about behavioral expectations to reinforce what you teach them. It’s a fun learning opportunity for kids to really get what they need to know about appropriate behaviors.

Get it here on Amazon for under $30 right now. The skills it teaches are priceless.

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