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What Goes on Sale in March

what to buy in march

What goes on sale in March

When you are trying to live on a budget, it’s important that you know the best time to buy the items that you need. Each month I will put up a list of the best time to buy produce and other items. Make sure you share so you can help your friends and family save money too.

Seasonal produce: broccoli, lettuce, mangoes, and pineapples

What goes on sale in March

  • Luggage- In between vacation seasons you can score luggage at unbeatable prices.
  • Clothing at thrift stores- People clean out their closets for spring cleaning so thrift stores often get a cache of new clothing. You may be able to find some great items at thrift stores during this month.
  • Chocolate- After Valentine’s day there is leftover chocolate galore!
  • Perfume- Retailers slash prices on perfume during this month right after Valentine’s day.
  • Frozen food- March is frozen food month! Start printing your frozen food coupons now and stock up your freezer!
  • China and Flatware- The best time to buy these necessities is during March and September. You can buy patterns from the last season to save money.
  • Gardening tools-  Spring fever is here so now is a good time to get rakes, shovels, dirt, hoes, and other supplies for the garden.

To download a printable version of what goes on sale in March, click –>What goes on sale in March printable.

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