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What Goes on Sale in April

what to buy in april

What goes on Sale in April

Can you believe April is here already? 1/4 of the year is over! It’s time for another money-saving post. These posts are all about telling you when to buy items so you can get them at their lowest price. This post is all about what goes on sale in April.

Seasonal produce: lettuce, pineapples, mangoes, artichoke, zucchini,

What goes on sale in April

  • Tennis shoes- This is when casual runners hit the gym and they need new tennis shoes! Now is the time to buy them.
  • Snowblowers- No one needs one in April, so they go on sale then. If you know you will need one pick it up now and save money!
  • TVs- New models of tvs are released in the spring so older models will be marked down.
  • Vacuum cleaners- You can get a vacuum cleaner for a good price during this time of the year because people are getting ready for spring cleaning.
  • Used cars: American’s get their taxes and look for used cars with their tax refunds. Now is a great time to find a used car.
  • Cookware: Since it is getting close to both wedding season and college graduation, you can often catch great deals on cookware during the early summer.
  • Electronics: After the Japanese fiscal year is a great time to get electronics. Most Japanese electronics companies release their new models during this time and stores will want to get rid of the older models.

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