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Get Ghost Peppers as seen on Man Vs. Food


Okay so my husband and I are big Man Vs. Food fans! It is a show that we discovered this summer on Travel Channel. The host, Adam, goes around and tries different challenges at restaurants around the country. He is not a competitive eater, just a guy who likes to eat. Sometimes is able to win the challenges and sometimes he doesn’t.

Anyway, you can buy some ghost pepper plants, like Adam has had to consume for a few challenges. Well he doesn’t have to eat the actual peppers but he has had to eat food made with ghost peppers. Ghost peppers are like 100 times spicier than jalepenos! If you are a fan of spicy foods, check out this plant. It only costs $10 for two plants so you can get one for yourself and one to share if you want. Click here to get this offer!

And you can watch a clip of Man Vs. Food when Adam has to get ghost pepper hot wings below!


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