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Free golf balls!

I saw a commercial for free golf balls from polaragolf. You do have to pay shipping and handeling but it looks like these are neat if you like golfing. They are supposed to go straight when you hit them instead of curving the way most golf balls do. At least that’s what the commercial says :). I am not a golfer at all so I can only go by that. Check it out! I love freebies!

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  • Natalia 06/05/2012, 1:59 pm

    Balance: Put your feet together and try to hit balls like that. Don’t worry so much where it goes but more on mankig solid contact with the ball. Tempo: Try to count in your head with your swing. I was taught to think 1-2-3 and 4 [at the pace of a regular clock ticking seconds, where you start taking your club into your backswing at 3 and start your downswing at 4]To keep yourself in the swing make sure you actually look at the whole duration of your swing. Literally see it as it connects with the ball. As with the majority of golf drills, don’t attempt to do ALL of this in one practice session. Split it up. Try working on your balance one day and tempo the next. All of our golf games are a work in progress =] Hope this helps you.

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