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FREE full size Julep Nail polishes for new customers

Fall Gift - New Subscribers
This is the offer you have been waiting for! If you have never used Julep before, now is the time to sign up! You will get 12 FREE full sized polishes when you sign up here! You read that right. You will get a FREE 12-piece full-size polish set when you join their beauty box subscription today.

If you usually pay someone to paint your nails for you, you can save some major money in the new year by painting your own. I don’t pay for pedicures and manicures anymore. The last time I decided to go, I ended up regretting it because I knew I could do just as good of a job on my own and actually make my own feet pretty smooth. So here’s how it usually works. You go to your salon of choice and wait 20 minutes for a chair. Then, you get in the chair and they put smoking hot water in the basin which is supposed to be relaxing. They turn on those tired massage chairs. They rush through the pedicure and don’t even do your feet the way you like (Still some rough foot skin. Who wants to pay for that???)

Back to Julep: I have done a couple of review videos about Julep nail polishes. The first time I tried them, it was because they had this awesome 12 piece polish set. If you are a nail polish girl, this is a great way to try out some polish from Julep! It is also a great way to get some gifts to share with friends (Or not. I’m not judging).

Their beauty box is $24.99 a month. You can sign up to let it automatically curate products for you, or you can choose the products that you want monthly. There is not just nail polish, but all types of beauty products. Check out my review video here, where I show all the polishes that I got when I first signed up.

You can try it for a month and then skip as many months as you want AND you can cancel at any time. If you usually get a pedicure and manicure at a salon, you are looking at at least $50 if you go once a month and that’s on the cheap end.

It’s really a great deal to get this set from Julep right now while it lasts. Don’t wait, because the last time they offered these 12 full size polishes it was back in June! Get yours here. Let me know what you think!

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