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Free Contacts from Bausch & Lomb

If you are like me and need glasses or contacts to see, here is the chance for you to get two free trials.

Free Trial from Bausch & Lomb – PureVision®2 HD 
Experience exceptional vision – starting today, with a free trial of PureVision2 HD contact lenses. Fill in the form to get your FREE trial lens certificate. Print a copy and bring it with you next time you visit your eye care professional. An eye exam may be necessary before receiving your free trial, and the free trial certificate does not include the cost of an eye examination or any other professional fees. Click here for your free trial certificate.

Free Trial of Bausch & Lomb – SofLens®

Also print out your certificate for free trial of Bausch & Lomb- SofLens. Fill out the form to get a free trial lens certificate and take it with you to the eye care doctor.

I would take both certificates when I go and get two free pairs. That way you can try them both and see which you like more and either order one of these or go with another kind of contacts that you like. Click here to get your certificate.

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