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Don’t Get Scammed in Mystery Shopping


We can’t deny it, free shopping or just even shopping is something we want to do every day. It creates a vision that we are capable of buying things we want, it makes our stress life more relaxed. You might be thinking about mystery shopping right now and yes you’re on the right track.

Currently, the fad of being mystery shopper increases year by year. Having a job where you shop is awesome. It sounds too good to be true and yet it does exist. Everybody wants to live a life that’s not complicated, in which you just can buy what you need any time and you check in a hotel everyday just to rate your employer’s business. But then again, there is always a bad side of something that’s good. You just need to know the signs and how to spot these fake mystery shopping jobs.

Now the other side of mystery shopping is “fake mystery shopping”. And because mystery shopping attracts people, this also attracts fraudulent employers in getting someone in trouble or even gaining profit from this potential mystery shopping job.

What I’m trying to say is that mystery shopping is a job. The first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t cost you anything when you become a mystery shopper. You don’t incur expenses. So remember, it’s a job and there’s no expense involved up-front in order to start being a mystery shopper with a company. If there is a company that tells you that in order to shop for them you need to pay x amount of dollars, RUN.

Many mystery shopping jobs, however, do have expenses involved with the actual shop. For example, if you are evaluating a restaurant, you obviously can’t go in and eat for free. You are a mystery shopper and it would tip everyone off if you asked for your meal to be covered for free. You would have to purchase a meal and then be reimbursed for that meal by the company you are doing the mystery shop for.

The next thing you need to know is that if it’s on the newspaper, radio or internet it is potentially a scam. A lot of scammer uses this type of advertisement to catch a person interested in getting this simple job. Now think again, it lures you for the temptation of getting your dream job but you might end up having a negative experience.

Most mystery shopping jobs are easy. However, if it comes to money matters, like going to a bank, transferring money through retail transactions like Moneygram or Western Union, you might want to think twice and not get yourself into trouble. Remember, you are asked to use your name and if a cheque for example bounces back, then you’re in a big trouble and may be liable for whatever money the bank is out for cashing such a check.

Basically what you really need to do is research if your employer is legitimate or even if the business exists. You still have the internet as a guide and the Federal Trade of Commission as a backup before you sign up and be a mystery shopper. Don’t fall for jobs that make you have to cash a check and return a certain amount of money to someone. Those are scams. Be careful of these things and remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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