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Cafépress Review and Giveaway

I recently got the opportunity to try some Café Press products for a review. I got to pick out $50 worth of products of my choosing to review. I thought about getting a photobook, then I thought about making some Mystery Shopping Teacher stuff, and then I decided that I would try a few different things. I got a t-shirt for my little boy, a stein for my husband, and a picture mousepad for myself.

There are so many different things you can customize on Cafépress. If you have the creativity, you can come up with a lot of different designs. Unfortunately, I’m not a very creative or clever person. I’ll leave that up to other people. I browsed the site for awhile and came to a cute t-shirt for my little boy that has some toddler’s rules.

I also wanted to get something that my husband would like. I wanted to surprise him with something football related that had either the New Orleans Saints ogo on it, or the LSU Tigers, since he is from Louisiana. When I started looking through the site I realized that I had no clue what he would want. I thought about getting him a poster but I don’t really want a football poster up in my house. Know what I mean? So I let him choose and he picked out this stein.

For myself, I chose to create a mousepad. I wanted to try out the creative tools and I thought that I could take my mousepad to work and gaze upon it lovingly from time to time. The creative process is simple. Upload your pictures, and arrange them the way you want them to look when they are printed. And it’s easy to make your things look good even if you are not the most creative person in the world.

When we got our goodies in the mail, I was so excited! My little boy’s t-shirt fit just right and was adorable. Every time someone reads it they get a kick out of it.


My husbands stein is really nice too. It seems like it is a really good quality stein that didn’t really cost all that much. Not that my husband will be drinking out of it. He wanted it to put on our tv stand so he can look at it from time to time and be happy I guess.

My mousepad is so nice! I wish I had gotten one for my mom. My husband suggested that I give her mine but that didn’t even cross my mind.

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