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Buy and Sell on Your Own Terms with Pikaba

Are you a buyer or seller? Most of us use the internet to do one or both of those things at some point in our lives. Well, whether you do one or both of these things, there is a new site that should be on your radar. Pikaba is a site that lets you shop or sell products to people looking for what you have. If you are buying you can ask for what you want to buy, set your budget, set a deadline, and be notified when there is a match. Local sellers and service providers will bid for your request so you end up with the best possible price. Say you have a group of friends who all need the same thing that you do. You can share with your friends to possibly get an even better rate! You can also search thousands of products that are already on Pikaba. It is really simple.

I hadn’t heard of Pikaba before they contacted me but evidently they have been featured on a lot of popular sites like MSN money, Mashable, and Tech Cocktail- all sites that I HAVE heard of. I joined the site and looked around to see the kinds of products available for sale. I found everything from dog houses to yachts to iPads to tutoring. It looks like there is just about everything you could want to buy on the site.

There is also the seller’s side of the site. We have been known to sell the odd item or two online. If you have sold products online before, you might want to think about selling your wares on Pikaba. You can open a store and have products uploaded in just a few minutes. When there are leads, you get instant notifications. You can post coupons and deals when you want, and you can engage with buyers in real time. We all know that sometimes it helps being able to deal directly with buyers as you can answer all of their questions and give them a little nudge if they aren’t quite sure if they want to buy.

Want more information or a better explanation than I can give? Here’s a video that might clear things up a little more.

Well, there you go. If you want to buy or sell things online, try Pikaba. If you have used Pikaba before to buy or sell, I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment about your experience!

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