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Free Reading Games


So I am the Mystery Shopping Teacher so occasionally I’ll come across an education product that I’ll post about. Kids are out for the summber but it is important that even though kids are out for the summer, they should get a little practice. I’m not talking about buying workbooks (although it is GREAT if you do that, teachers appreciate that) and having class during the summer. There are simple things you can do that help your child to get a little practice during the summer.

Here is a site that offers free reading games for kids age 4-7. This is an important developmental stage for children, so they may benefit from getting the opportunity to have fun reading while they are out for the summer. I wouldn’t recommend hours of staring at a computer screen, but if your child gets to spend a few minutes a day playing these games, it may help her to retain some of what they’ve leared in school. These are games that have won several awards that your child will enjoy playing. Getting your child to enjoy reading should be a goal for every parent and the more exposure your child gets, the better.

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