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2017 is almost here! Print your pictures, quick!

The year’s almost over and you have likely snapped lots of memories on your cameras, phones, and tablets. Have you printed your pictures? You will surely want to start the new year with a clean memory card, right? Check out custom Photo Books at Mixbook. I have used Mixbook to make photobooks before and they always turn out fantastic. Check out a page from one of my Mixbook photobooks.


This is from years ago but the color is still vivid and the image is still crisp. It’s gorgeous!

It’s so easy to shop at Mixbook. All you do is open up your web browser, go to the site, upload your pictures, and start shopping. I’d much rather print my pictures online than have to go to a store and get them printed. Like, seriously. I would rather work for FREE teaching any difficult math lesson the week we’d normally be out for Christmas break-with a classroom full of fourth graders than go print pictures at a store. Basically, it just ain’t happening for me. I can’t remember the last time I went and picked up prints from a store.

But this is not about me, it’s about you! Go on over to Mixbook already and print you some pictures.

If photobooks are not what you want to do with your pictures, check out this sale going on at Mixbook for 45% off sitewide. But hurry! This offer ends on the 14th. Click here for 45% off sitewide!



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