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Mystery Shopping in 2012

Mystery Shopping

Of course it’s the start of the year. Everybody would love to have a new sport, new exercise, new life and new career. And guess what, mystery shopping is just one career everybody is dreaming of. So how does mystery shopping work?

Mystery shopping is a job given to a person who pretends to be a customer of a business his or her employer owns. This will help the employer check if the employees are abiding business policies, giving excellent customer service and can use mystery shopping results to continue business improvement. So if you still want to make your dream job come true just read on and I bet you’ll get a hit on your first mystery shopping job.

First requirement is to get an employer. You can search online and get those contacts. It’s really easy. However, there can be instances that the “employer” you thought to of is a scam. So be careful.

Second you got to have the skill of being a spy. I just remembered the movie Charlie’s Angels or Mission Impossible where the good guys beat the bad guys by disguising themselves as spies. Now I’m not saying you need to be someone else or that you need to be a spy. What I’m saying is that you need to get some answers for a certain clients to help them check on their business’s quality.

Third you got to know how to act. Acting can be very easy if you’re comfortable with it. But in this case, you’re acting gets paid except that you don’t have any camera men following you over the set or even make-up artist. The artist here is you.

Fourth you need to be a collector. Data collecting is essential in mystery shopping as the information you gather creates the conclusion of the employer’s business. It could be a recording if you called a call center, a picture if you dropped by your employers shop, or just maybe your own rating or opinion of how the customer service is working in that company. You take down answers from what were asked.

Fifth you need to have a positive attitude. It’s the most important skill you need to have in all jobs. It applies to everyone. Mystery shopping is easy and you get paid at least $20 to $100, and the best is that you don’t need to spend a dime. So always have that right attitude.

It’s fun and easy to be a mystery shopper. There can also be times where in mystery shopping isn’t really something ideal for you. There are jobs offered in where you need to enter nightclubs. But then again, the pay is bigger compared to those simple tasks. Therefore, think about mystery shopping a bit.

Mystery Shopping

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